Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Visual Jokes #1

In a pub or similar such environment, where everyone sits around a table and leaves their mobile phones on the table top, wait until someone pops to the loo or bar, and when they come back, announce to them:

"Hey, I don't want to worry you or make you paranoid, but I think your phone's been tapped."

"What? How do you know?!" they'll reply, shocked and astonished.

"Because," you reply, with a wink if you so wish, "I've done it before and I'm doing it again."

With which you proceed to tap on their phone with a finger, much to the hilarity of the assembled crowd. Good work Mr Funny!


Anonymous said...

there is a similar joke about anal beads.

hirekatsu said...


Plunge said...

Ive done the anal beads one, it worked a treat!

My grandfather doesn't speak to me anymore. Nothing to do with the prank, its just that he's dead now.