Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Works better when said than read - but not by much #8


hirekatsu said...

ring ring ring funny joke's arrived

Cosmic Horse said...

Okay, try this:

"Honestly, I've got to stop buying so much food at that supermarket."


"Yeah, it's terrible."

hirekatsu said...

A: I like my local supermarket

B: A Lidl?

A: No, a lot

The Count said...

wow, what a post! 3 great jokes. so i'm going to lower the tone.

What do you call a cross between a conceptual artist with a slightly poncey food hall?

Tracy Eminess.

Cosmic Horse said...

We're all trying to think of supermarket jokes now... These should probably be in the main bit (whatever it's called; I is compoota duns); people might miss 'em other wise- that will never do!