Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I fell over

I fell over and bashed my head on the sink yesterday,or was it today I'm unsure..? I think I must have passed out with the pain.The funny thing is when I awoke I had this vision, a weird dream... so I nobbled a couple of Ibuprofens..The vision bugged me so I thought I would draw a sketch of what I saw...

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hirekatsu said...

I met my mate Ian da other day.

"You know, if you get a car an travel 88 miles an hour," he said to me, "You can travel backwards in time?"

"No way mate," I said, "It's impossible."

"No, it's true," he replied, "I saw it in this film once."

"No, dude," I corrected him, "It's not going to happen. You're not allowed to travel faster than 70 mph on da roads... It's da law Ian.