Friday, 24 October 2008

Kriss Akabusi Week 50

Q: Which former athlete is the best at entertaining small children?

A: Kriss Peek-Abusi.

And let us never mention this ever again.


hirekatsu said...

Ah, at least we ended on a high note. Love this one!

Cosmic Horse said...

That is a good one. And fifty jokes about Kriss Akabusi! Surely that is an achievement never to be repeated. Let's hope not, anyway.

Cosmic Horse said...

By the way, if you type 'Kriss Akabusi joke' into Google, we're top! We're living the dream.

Anonymous said...

which former athlete has a rump born to shake?

kriss has-a-booty

Anonymous said...

which former athlete needs to be ironed?

creased akabusi