Monday, 16 July 2007

Oh Dear. The World's Wurst Jokes

A: They say Oktoberfest is going to be a disaster this year, but I reckon we'll be OK, as long as we have sausages

B: What makes you say that?

A: Well, when the wurst comes to the wurst...

A: There I was, inches away from certain death, enemy troops coming at me from all angles. There's this one nasty fellow, bayonet in my face, and I was out of ammo. It didn't look good, but fortunately I had a sausage handy I was going to eat for lunch. So I threw it at him, which confused him enough for me to make my getaway.

B: Wow grandad, how did you think to do that?

A: Well, you know what they say: When you see the whites of their eyes, bockwurst, ask questions later.

Q: What's Germany's naughtiest food?

A: Bratwurst

A: Did you hear about the mad ex-Nazi scientists who worked for Nasa after World War Two? Instead of sending up a human for the Apollo missions, they wanted to just fill up a spacesuit with minced up meat, offal, pigs blood and intestine and send that instead.

B: No...! Really?

A: Yes, they wanted to put the wurst man on the moon.


hirekatsu said...

Man, I'm going to make a wurst blog and fill it with wurst jokes like this every day. This is a hilarity goldmine I tell you. A goldmine.

Anonymous said...

Q: Why did the drama department at Raynes Park High School fail its OFSTED Sausage inspection?

A: Beacause Miss Jaeger-Worst.

Anonymous said...

Oh god that's awful...

Unknown said...

You bastards! This was one of my jokes that I made up about 5 months ago when the new sausage place opened up around the corner for work, I was waiting for the chance to put it on!
Damn you all to hell..the wurst punishement I can imagine.